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Euronews visits Haiti's homeless


Euronews visits Haiti's homeless


This is the Delmar 33 camp on the hills surrounding Port-au-Prince. Housing more than 3,000 people made homeless by the quake, it lies less than three kilometres from the airport. Less than three kilometers, but aid took six days to get here.
Euronews correspondent Luis Carballo said: “Because they hadn’t received any aid by land, the people hope it can come by air and as they’re not expecting any miracles, they’ve used their initiative and made a helicopter landing pad on what was a basketball court.”
One man in the camp said: “We never received aid, we never received help, we never received medical assistance, that’s why we prepared this place, you know. If ever a helicopter wants to land to give us whatever, something, whatever they want to give us we are just ready to receive it, right here.”
Thousands of troops and aid workers have so far been unable to reach the residents of Delmar 33.
They started arriving here in the hours after the earthquake a week ago. A week in which all that they have been given is a tank of fresh water.
No-one can tell them how much longer they will have to stay or even how long they must wait for someone to help them. In the meantime they are doing what they can to get by.

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